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Minimal effort, maximum taste: the best packed lunch recipes

These exciting, delicious dishes are cheaper than chips… and healthier, too!
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About Me – The Hungry Hungry Wife!

About Me – The Hungry Hungry Wife!

About me and my search for packed lunch recipes

I’m Liv. I’m a 29-year-old wife with a full-time job in publishing and a passion for all things food. But, on this blog, I’m collecting together the tastiest packed lunch recipes. (Read more about that here.)

First things first, FOOD!

I come from a very “foodie” family where most conversations seem to revolve around eating or cooking. My brother’s an incredibly exciting and innovative cook, although our approaches tend to be quite different… I revel in a delicious meal I can whip up in 20 minutes; he loves spending​ 3 hours concocting a Masterchef-style culinary delight. To be fair though, the end result is usually worth his time and effort! My cousin’s also an inspirational, young baker with her own baking blog that makes my tummy rumble as soon as I look at it.

My parents and relatives are all equally as excited about food. Their influence definitely created the foundation for my passion today. I’m hoping that my blog might inspire others to develop a similar love of food. Well, specifically a love for the packed lunch anyway!

If you want to take a look at what else I’ve been cooking lately, head over to my personal Pinterest page.

Being a wife

I choose to define myself as a wife, which isn’t always a popular decision in this day & age! But since The Hungry Hungry Husband and I got married in 2014, being his wife has become a huge part of who I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I still function perfectly well as an individual in my own right! It’s just that, at the same time, I feel intricately connected to this other human being. We make an excellent team and I couldn’t imagine being without him anymore… *insert sick noise* Sorry, soppy moment over!

The HHH also loves cooking — surprise, surprise, I married a foodie! Although I make our lunches in the week, he makes us both breakfast every day. Boiled eggs & soldiers on weekdays, and then, whenever we’re at home on a weekend, pancakes (*drool* my absolute favourite!) on a Saturday and something (anything!) with bacon in on a Sunday.

We’re equally matched dinners-wise, as well. I offer to cook in the week as I find it a good way to wind down after work, but The HHH cooks a lot at the weekend. He’s very relaxed in the kitchen and is a dab hand at presentation. His ability to make something delicious from whatever we’ve got in the fridge comes in handy, too!

About my job

I work in the production department of a big academic publishing company. I love my job as it brings together two of my favourite things — books and organisation!

I know, I know, getting psyched about being super organised is definitely not the coolest thing to admit! At least I’m fulfilling those urges at work though. Otherwise, The HHH would have to put up with me rearranging his socks drawer much more often!

As an English graduate, I’ve been extremely lucky to find a job that actually relates to my degree somewhat. Kind of makes the debt worth it, really!

Literature has always floated my boat as much as food has. You’ll often find me in the kitchen, mindlessly letting something burn because I’m too engrossed in the audiobook I’m listening to! Come to think of it, maybe I should try to keep these two activities separate in the future…

Combining all three = my search for the best packed lunch recipes

Having a husband to cook for makes the whole preparing a packed lunch thing worthwhile for me. I love being able to provide something yummy for The HHH. Getting to eat it as well myself is an added bonus!

Working full-time means that I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like creating food on a daily basis. But for a food-lover like me, this makes the challenge all the more fun. Plus, The HHH would like to point out that I’m fiercely competitive, so finding a recipe that works really well feels like a win for me — and, as The HHH would also tell you, I do like to win!!

Hunting down and testing out packed lunch recipes that I can meal prep in advance and quickly put together in the morning has become a truly enjoyable hobby.

So let me do the hard work, and you can reap the benefits!

Anything else?

I’ve been rock climbing since I was 18 — specifically bouldering for those in the know (can’t be bothered faffing about with ropes!). I’ve recently taken up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at my local Boxing Club (which I’m loving!). Finally, I’m a huge fan (and self-professed nerd) when it comes to word puzzles (this collection is my fave).

*if you’d like to learn more about why I set up The Hungry Hungry Husband, take a look at this page*

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